September 2023

Tin Whistle Tuesday Vol 1.

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On with the news! Fall is brewing and so are we. We have a couple of new fall beers to share with you this month. We’re also answering the burning question - What/Who is Counterflow and what does it have to do with Tin Whistle? Read on to learn more.

5.1% ABV | 38 IBU | 473ml

This new fall brew is being released on September 25. This is a flavourful pale ale that tastes just like an Earl Grey Tea. That’s because it is brewed with real Earl Grey Tea - tea blended right here in Penticton at our local tea shop. Fancy that! Brewing with adjuncts like tea, allows us to add our unique personality to this pale ale.

We suggest adding this one to your day pack when you head out for your favourite trail. Throw some English cheese, crackers, and shortbreads into your pack and take in the fall leaves while you enjoy a pick-me-up sipping the Earl Grey Pale Ale alongside your snacks. The refreshing, lifted bergamot and citrus notes of the Earl Grey will stand up to the strong flavour of the cheese. Those same notes will help cut through the richness of the shortbreads which are a divine contrast to the beer. Here we’re playing with the food pairing ideas of complimentary and contrasting flavours. Your taste buds will not be disappointed!

5.2% ABV | 15 IBU | 473ml

Like the Tin Whistle Early Grey Pale Ale, this new beer will also greet the world on September 25. This is a delicious change-of-pace beer. It is reminiscent of Thanksgiving at Grandma’s house. The obvious pairing here is pecan pie. If pecan pie isn’t your thing, try a sweet potato pie instead, think brown sugar and cinnamon for this “like with like” pairing. It also pairs great with immense comfort - stretchy, cozy clothes on, snuggled on the couch with a satisfied tummy that still has room for beer. You plop down on the couch, pie in one hand, cold brew in the other. You only move to get more beer and tell Netflix you’re still watching. Ok, ok, we hear you, not everyone wants their beer and their food to taste similar so if that’s you, we challenge you to try this can with your next slow cooker chili - the sweeter notes of the beer will blend nicely with the acidity of the tomatoes, bringing a refreshing balance of flavours.

Who is Counterflow?

We are super pleased to welcome Counterflow Brewing to the Tin Whistle family. Counterflow is known for its against-the-grain beers and art-forward labels. It all started in a garage by a group of home brewers who grew the name and saw commercial success distributing their beer BC-wide. Alexis Esseltine and Timothy Scoon who took over Tin Whistle Brewing in its 25th year know the importance of keeping the beloved beer brands of the Okanagan alive. When Alexis and Tim purchased Tin Whistle Brewing in the fall of 2020 they committed to respecting the history of the brewery while driving it forward in innovation of the beer and art", said Tim. “Counterflow’s origination story of passionate beer lovers being driven to develop creative beers with original art labels definitely made it a natural fit for the Tin Whistle family”.

5% ABV | 10 IBU | 473ml

Capture the reclusive and refreshing side of the Okanagan Valley in this crisp and dry OG Tin Whistle beer (first brewed in 1995), enjoy the dark chocolate flavours and lighter body. Pair this beer with chicken and mushroom based dishes. It’s the perfect time to get out and forage your own mushrooms (safely, with knowledge - seriously, don’t pick random mushrooms without a guide!) Enjoy one or two of these while you forage in the forest. Pro tip: Forage where a fire previously burned in years past to find the best tasting umami treats.

Upcoming Events

Don’t miss out on the awesome community events we host! Our brewery space is open for all, whether you drink beer or not. We have lots of other tasty beverage options - alcohol free included. Check out our upcoming events and follow us on social media to keep up to date:

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