Where Life Has Taken Us

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Hi, there! I'm Alexis! And I'm Tim!

And we are travellers by heart.

When our first son was 3 months old we packed up our tiny car with our belongings and moved to Saskatoon in search of work. 2 years later, Tim was transferred to Vancouver, so we left the -40 degrees C Saskatoon for the coast. 

Flash forward to 2019. We packed up our 3 kids in our 2015 Honda Odyssey and hit the road for 69 days. We visited 20 states. 12 national parks. Dipped our toes in all 5 great lakes.

Soon after returning home, we lost our jobs due to COVID. 

It was at that moment we decided it was time to go out on our own - and fulfill a lifelong dream of running a sustainable brewery.

Why We Fell In Love With Tin Whistle

We love a good story and Tin Whistle fit the bill. It is the original craft brewery of the South Okanagan Valley, and was the 12th to open in B.C. back in 1995. It’s actually named after the first locomotive train to run on the Kettle Valley Railway, which connected the regions of the Okanagan Valley like never before when it was constructed.

In 1995, Tin Whistle opened in a railway museum on Highway 97, and launched its original iconic beers Coyote, Black Widow, and Killer Bee.

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What To Expect When You Arrive

We have reimagined Tin Whistle’s historic space and created a hub for locals and visitors to connect with the region, explore delicious beers, and enjoy their own everyday journey.

We give away a lot of smiles, so be ready for a big grin (just because we give a lot away doesn’t mean they’re less special when we give them to you)!

When you arrive you can expect some incredible craft beers on draft, including a rotating list of locally-inspired experimental beers. We also offer local cider, wine, non-alcoholic beers, and fruit sodas. Our onsite store provides an opportunity to take home canned beers, to fill growlers, or to pickup some Tin Whistle merchandise.

We make great beer, and now offer a delicious food menu! We serve traditional Mexican street foods like chicken mole tamales (or vegan rice & bean tamales) and crave-worthy avocado salsa with homemade tortilla chips for dipping. Made with love by our neighbour, and local Mexican Chef Israel Alvarez. Snack away while drinking your fave Tin Whistle beers!