October 2023

Tin Whistle Tuesday Vol 2.

Welcome back to our Tin Whistle Tuesday newsletter! We are SO excited and proud to share that two of our beers have been awarded GOLD medals at The Canada Beer Cup, a national beer competition dedicated to recognising the best in Canadian Beer. The Canada Beer Cup is a national competition that celebrates the accomplishments of independently owned and operated breweries across Canada. It showcases quality and innovation in craft beer from coast to coast. The 2023 competition presented awards in 66 distinct beer style groups across 11 categories, as evaluated by a panel of elite Canadian and international beer experts.

Our Glorious Hazelnut Coffee Milk Stout took gold in the Sweet/Cream/Milk Stout category, and Mythical Creatures Westcoast IPA took gold in the IPA of 6% ABV or lower (Contemporary) category. Tin Whistle beers, including these award-winners, are available for sale in our Penticton taproom, as well as at private and government liquor stores throughout the province of BC.

But wait, there’s more! We also have one more brand new beer to share with you. This new beer is a collaboration with Dirty Laundry Vineyards and it’s a unique, limited-time offering. Be sure to scroll down to learn all about it and the gold medal winners.

5.6% ABV | 473ml

In addition to bringing home gold from the Canada Beer Cup, this glorious beer also brought home first place in the 2022 British Columbia Beer Awards! This year’s version uses the most local coffee available to us, our newest Cannery Building neighbour, One 14 Coffee Co.

This is a lusciously rich stout, inspired by a hazelnut flat white. Huge coffee notes with a subtle hit of hazelnut. We call this one glorious for a reason! The added lactose delivers a silky, smooth, creamy, slightly sweet finish that is rounded out by the subtle hazelnut flavor.

6% ABV | 50 IBU | 473ml

This is such a fun and enjoyable IPA. We aren’t surprised the Canada Beer Cup judges enjoyed it too. Have you ever wondered just how beer gets judged? Stay tuned for our next email where we’ll lay out how to be your own beer judge! It’s a lot of fun.

With the beer, join the Ogopogo Lake Monster and Sasquatch as they enjoy a throwback Westcoast IPA with some modern tweaks. Super smooth with a load of piney dank, and some fruity citrus hop notes. Brewed with a Columbus and Simcoe hop blend, this IPA is full of flavour while still being super sessionable. Enjoy this with a lovely fall BBQ, the brew is heavy and vibrant enough to cut through fattier foods.

4% ABV | 473ml

A light beer celebrating the beautiful grapes of the Okanagan Valley. Brewed with the grape skins remaining from the annual wine harvest. Fruity. Refreshing. Complex. This beer is a celebration of the harvest. It is a wonderful opportunity to use the leftover skins that are still packed full of flavour - there are many ways to reduce, reuse and recycle - all of them are very important to us. This beer is soaked on the grape skins used to make Dirty Laundry Merlot, lending aromatics, structure, and a fun rosé colour. One batch has been brewed, once it is gone, it is gone - just like vintage wines.

Wine and beer have many characteristics that can benefit one another, including tannins, phenols, acids, texture, fruitiness, bitterness, and varying sweetness levels. When blending of these two worlds happens, balance in the finished beer is the end goal - just as it would be for each product individually. If you like this one, stay tuned. We just might have something else brewing.

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